Response to: Art of Interactive Design/Rant on Interaction Design

How would I define physical interaction? As we read, it has been described as this nebulous thing to define. But if I were to put my definition, it is a sort of feedback loop between two or more beings or machines or a mix thereof through any sort of physical motion, not just of the hands but of the rest of the body.

What makes for good physical interaction? Awareness is a big one, I would think, at least for the human element, and good sensors and programming for the machine component. But also flexibility, the ability to learn update, upgrade and improve for a better interaction. Not to mention awareness of the process, because if one part of the feedback loop fails, the whole process is kaput.

I am trying to rack my brain for digital devices today that aren’t interactive. I want to say a calculator but I even that is questionable since you input an equation, it calculates it and produces an answer. A flashlight on a phone perhaps? A My ID bracelet since it’s just an QR code medical alert bracelet?

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