I will preface this with the admission that a lot of my trouble this week was the lack of time to do work because multiple personal obligations were heaped up on me and thus felt the crunch a little tighter than usual. Spent Friday afternoon and all of Sunday watching the videos, reading, and spent a good seven hours debugging code to make my sketch work.

[Pictured: My Sunday]

My main issue of my sketch was the fact that I got a little too overambitious and tried to make an attempt at multiple actions using the  mouse buttons which failed terribly. Essentially, it would be a basic “paint” program, where left button you painted, and with every click a random color was generated, right button became your eraser– set to paint at the background color, and the middle button/scroll wheel was going to make the ‘brush’ bigger or smaller randomly.

Alas I couldn’t get it work with the pre-written code I took from the book readings to make a near seamless line, and it just wasn’t having it:


Tried a whole bunch of iterations of buttons and variables that I can’t even remember even if you asked me because seven hours straight of coding is just one big, frustrating blur. But I managed to get the mouseIsPressed function to work so I managed one-third of what I had intended in being overambitious. And I have filled all the parameters for the project to boot.  So this week, I am simply savoring small victories, and hoping the next time I will figure out how to make it work.

Sketch on P5 Editor

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