PComp Labs: Digital I/O, Analog I/O, and Servo

Okay so the first labs were pretty easy (once I figured out my placement–the way the switches are are a bit confusing !)


Potentiometer Lab:

Setup was relatively painless, and my issue was the basic coding fare (forgetting semicolons and whatnot).




Servo Lab:

So here is where I had the trouble. The setup on the lab page was a bit different than I had, same with the code. But I managed the setup well.

I had video of the sensor reading but it got corrupted, so I know the sensor was working, but the servo wasn’t going on, but when I twisted it it would work for a bit and stop. And when the wind blew you’d hear a soft whirring from the servo– so I think it works but there’s a bit of disconnect.




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