PComp Lab: Tone and Sensors

Let me start this blog on a moment of failure.

Five, maybe closer to seven hours of circuit building, coding, debugging all to end in a big failure. Couldn’t seem to get my Uno to sing at the push of a button but I got it play the song by just plugging in the piezo to power.

Now on to the labs!

So the basic Theremin! After a failed expedition to Tinkershpere (I got there before it was opened! D:), Tom came in to save the day with providing me an extra photoresistor!


I think that shot is exceptionally pretty.

Here is video!

Onto the Button Sensor!


Pretty easy to build, no sweat, but I had the weirdest thing! It worked exactly but I would have to hit the reset button on the Arduino for it to read it had been pressed.


Threshold Sensor with the Force Sensing Resistor


So a quick switch and here we go! I had the same issue as above where the reset button triggered everything (I did the circuit just like the lab so I don’t know why it’s wonky.)


As for the last one this was wierdest one– I did the code for the Peak Value Sensor but the compiler wasn’t reading a thing.


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