Also known as the week Kar hit the wall.

So I was doing well so far but now Functions? Arrays? Objects? Now it was getting all confuddled to me. I tried to read the book and watched Shiffman’s videos like ten times over and it wasn’t really getting to me. Then we had an ICM help session today and made a fun particle app? Sim? Anyway, it was cute and fun and gave me a better understanding of function and objects to a point, but still kinda not sure on arrays just yet? (So far I’ve noticed I pick this up better doing like the group hands-on activity.)

Click the square to produce an infinite amount of bouncing balls!

UPDATE 7/08/2017: The second sketch, which generated particles when you dragged the mouse was another casualty of the Winter 2016 overhaul of the p5.js editor.  I will hopefully be looking to fix issues and relink.

And on to my sketch! the alpha editor has been giving me a hassle the last few weeks and over the weekend it hadn’t let me save my first sketch! So I had to sit there and make it all up again! I got really frustrated to say the least, even though it’s pretty darn simple looking.  Gave up my idea of the optical pattern deal and went with something niftier:

Here with are with the most basic atom we have: Hydrogen! One electron, one proton and no neutrons! Just as it does in real life, the proton jiggles while the electron orbits. It is with this sketch I have decided my ICM Final project. To make a visual display of the Periodic Table of elements by their atom! I’m excited now, but wait in two weeks when I’m going to be so sick of looking at code, haha!

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