So went a little backwards, since they were light reading, the Happy Feedback Machine is an amazing project and even I felt like a kid again looking at it! It’s a great design that is free to many interpretations and countless of reuse! And that of course, at least in my opinion, we as adults never really grow up. I wish I had been able to experience it in person but I had been finishing up High School the time it was on display!

Tom’s blog post about Interactive Art I have similar beliefs. Like any piece of media consumed for a wide array of people, everything is open to interpretation. Even static art. Take a class to an art gallery and find a picture, any picture, poll them. See what you get. I can assure you not every single person will state the same thing.  Even if you as the creator have a specific intention. Many people with many differing perspectives and experiences will take it differently. Take for example fandom, specifically with video games and other such media. Things that a ‘canon’ or official may not be regarded as sacred and replaced with what is termed ‘headcanon’ according to a person or group’s interpretation of the media. (I could talk a lot of this with how the Star Wars community is on this but that’s not related to physical computing.) I disagree that an artist cannot interpret their own work. The can– so long as they are aware it is only their perspective and outside of being a empirically proven theory– is not sacred, nor the end all be all.

And Sketching User Experiences kind of felt a little like my early undergrad, as a graphic designer and artist, the concept of sketching and saving inspiration or reference photos is second nature after four years of schooling for this. I mean some stuff a neat little things I didn’t really think of but otherwise kind of a recap. (But it was hitting on one of pet peeves— calling the artist a ‘drawer’. ) Maybe because it’s a concept I already aware of it was a relatively dry read for me.

Really if I’m to be frank what’s going to get me is the Serial stuff we”l be stating off Thursday. I kind of understand the concept but if it’s anything like Synthesis on Friday I’m not going to have a good time.

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