PComp Final: Sketches

So I’ve been kicking ideas around for doing something more prop-based. Which to be honest, may have been more suited for a midterm project but alas we were paired. I really have no other reason for making them other than because I just want to and figuring out any interactivity other than it being a really good conversational piece, icebreaker or badass accessory to have around, like a neat souvenir/collector’s item of sorts. (Like bringing my lightsaber to the floor for the party on Saturday, it got many people talking, people were playing with it, enjoying it, engaging with me about it so I suppose it was more the catalyst for human interaction, I don’t know.)

At any case my first sketches from weeks ago

20161101_121048sm 20161101_121113sm

Honestly there seem more like Fabrication projects I guess?

So back to the drawing board. I’m going to be honest, I I really, really, really, have no idea what to do or have any serious inspiration for anything. But I am of course, giving it a try.  So the idea I came up with is possible wearable piece that is sort of a little indicator of a person’s willingness for interactivity (for someone who may be on the autism spectrum or have anxiety) or energy level (in the case of chronic illness.) It would change color depending on the situation. And ideally would be some universal sign that could translate regardless of who is around you or where you are.

Space Robot Studio (Over here on Etsy!) create similar ones using pendant with visuals in a similar fashion:


They also use a similar color code for a series of leads for dogs to let people know how to interact with them. If it works for dogs, why not people?

And so here is my sketch idea:


For that I figured a traffic light is fairly universal, red means stop, green means go, yellow means caution. That being said, my wearable would more or less be a sort of traffic light but for engagement.  That way I am not further agitated and less risk of meltdown or incident and other people also don’t have a bad day following the domino trail that is is human interactivity.

After some reflection, I think perhaps purchasing the Flora and using either one or more Neopixel might be the way to go and work it off a watch battery?


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