PComp Final: Initial design and feedback

So we centralized on the concept of an interaction indicator of sorts. And with that in mind I made a survey– unfortunately the majority of people who gave me the feedback wasn’t the intended audience, which skewed things. But I learned a lot of things. The possibility of expanding things, my revision of a system (colors vs images vs words). Most people like the idea of a bracelet, but instead I went more modular for customization. So I made my cardboard protoype that is roughly the actual size (if the Flora with the small LiPo battery is the direction we go.


For the sake of time and resources, I am keeping it simple to just the interaction system although the idea of merging in a medical alert or some sort of AngelSense like module that helps keep track and inform caregivers could be possible… but one thing at a time. Right now I have the simple three-color light situation. Perhaps if the wording/visual systems are more preferred (I had not particularly thought of color blindness), I may want to move with something more visual, like an LCD screen (which is my issue with resources– at the moment I cannot get a breakout one in time).  And perhaps in lieu of a Flora, a trinket micro controller may be able to work just fine. However I was advised to think more about the system than the parts just yet…

That being said here is basic idea in a flow chart:


While I lack the breadboard to illustrate the light, I have made a system of words/symbols to accompany the color for people to look over for feedback!

Here is just graphic depictions of faces:

Or just generic symbols:


And just words:


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