PComp Final: BoM/Timeline

Now that we have down what the design will be, I can try to get a Bill of Materials made! It may not be exact and things are subject to change after the future iterations but here is what I am using for now.


Link to the Google Sheets Doc

And here is rough Timeline:

  • Week 1 (week of 11/7): Intial Design and Feedback
  • Week 2 (week of 11/14): Secondary Feedback and refinement
  • Week 3 (week of 11/28): Building working model and testplaying
  • Week 4 (week of 12/5): Final design and debugging
  • Week 5 (week of 12/12): Presentation to class

— — — —

But we also have progress on the code front! The code to cycle the LEDs is up and working!

First with just turning all three on in sequence:

Then to have them turn on individually!

I’ve put up my code on Github so that anyone could take from and derive from it!

Next step is building the  enclosure and setting up the new board to test with the Trinket!

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