PComp: Final Post

So here is the final circuit. Ideally to get it any small would mean an custom board, which can be revisited next semester with my classes at least. After some feedback, people have insisted perhaps making two sets of design and having the person building or purchasing the design chose what they like.

My intention is to finally put everything up open source for people who’d rather build, and possibly a shop  for those who might rather purchase it if  I start to fabricate. The other feedback was establishing some sort of way  of making these symbols commonplace to start making awareness for this. Like a site for my shop. All great and all  if and when I go forward– but my intention for this project was to pretend we lived in a world where this was established, apparently suspension of disbelief is not something people are able to get…but I digress.

At any case, have the circuit, have the code, just need to figure out how to make is smaller and wearable. Not sure what else to say here.


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