Meditation: The Cosmos speaks!

In my original concept, I thought about being more fun and tongue in cheek where it would randomly generate a name and then produce a few randomized phrases. Like a sort of Spirit World Chatroulette where you’d be ‘matched’ with a historical figure. But I feared that crossed into the ‘talk to the dead’ territory. Although that would be a fun chatbot to build in the future. So I went less concrete and had one gain wisdom from the Cosmos. So I generated a simple p5.js sketch using the the tracery script, because it was easier for me to comprehend than RiTa.js , although it is good to  knwo there are other options. As with most of my projects, this is open to anyone seeking the wisdom of the Cosmos. Right now tracery just randomizes a few words from a line in Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot, but ideally  if I wanted to made this very advanced machine learning bot that generates more text, I would have it scrape from many of Carl Sagan’s work and then if I wanted to get advnaced add the likes of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Brian Cox, and other astronomers, astrophysicists and such for a more randomized feel?

But I think for now this is nice.

So you can check it out HERE!

Final Project Idea: More Amulet/Prayer/Altar Boards.

Honestly, I really loved doing my first project, and it’s been my favorite of these projects so far. Given we have only about 4 weeks, I think I will at minimum design two or three more sigils. It will take some time to think upon and sketch, the actual fabrication took slightly less time than the designing.

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