Week 3: Saber Mount

Full disclosure: this week’s project was little rushed. I had measured the light saber diameter but forgot to take my caliper home to measure the rest. So I tried my best with a tailor’s tape, a metal ruler, and an online chart on screw size to get my size. And only a day to model, unfortunately, since I was going to be able to get back to ITP before Monday. So this was an exercise in thinking on my feet.

So I made a tube and split it and moved it to the main “body”, but refused to merge with the Boolean2Objects. Any idea on how to get it to work? I also tried Join, BooleanUnion, and CreateSolid with little avail…

Essentially it’s a wall/surface mount for my light saber. Screw holes on the side could be for drilling, loops on the top/bottom for a hook, and a little depression in the back for a piece of tape or 3M like adhesive strip. It can be used either vertically or horizontally, hence the symmetrical shape to be sort of universal.


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