Final Project Update

So 2 weeks ago I posted a bunch of stream of consciousĀ  ideas of what to model, this semester seems to be super Borderlands-heavy with my fab pieces, as I decided to model the pocket watch of the gameā€™s antagonist. Partially as a design challenge, since Iā€™ve yet to do anything really detailed in this class, and partially because I was going to make it eventually. Not sue if Iā€™d just have it print as is, or positives for resin casting.

Some in-game model refs, and a hand made prop in I believe either foam or card stockā€“ mine would actually light up, with an LED and battery pack in the inside of the watch.

My sketch of the idea circa November-December 2016, done during PComp finals.

Some rough breakdowns, where I mistook the center pat as being rounded. The final model is different. I also got rid of the bottom lock layer and made a small shelf on the inside for a lens that could be laser cut in acrylic. The friction lock should keep it in place.

(The image of the perspective is a copy of the bottom being shaped for the details before they get boolean’d together.

Modelling progress as of 10/21/2017. Trying to get the last details of the bottom before printing. Hoping to get it all printed in time.

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