Final Project Layout

Here is my layout, some of the measurements might be a little off due to me being forced to measure with the calipers on the print. Rhino no longer was able to open and  I spent the whole weekend troubleshooting. The print is decent, good proof of concept, but with it detail, I’ll need to print it elsewhere, much of lost in the Ultimaker print. My tolerance is wrong, and I need to fix it, and the X thing in the center needs to be thicker and bigger as it snapped when I tried to get it off the bed. And the filament printing isn’t good for the level of detail it had so it came out really funky. At this point I would likely remodel from scratch, since the final file is giving a ‘bad geometry’ error I can’t manage to fix either. But it’s a solid start and I know how to model and work the printer so I have to say the class was a success despite everything falling apart?

UPDATE: Some photos of the prints!


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