Fandom: Final

We deployed this post first, that got little traction and no submissions, which I suspected many of those factors were in play. Diego made a Facebook post and I am unsure how much exposure that got. The original tumblr post (deleted when we were planning an overhaul) had 17 notes, and were about 12 reblogs (4 of the mine) and five likes, but no submissions. So at first I was concerned with some factors. As of late on tumblr, it’s been heavy with net neutrality, and tumblr also has also changed their algorithm of showing posts like facebook, meaning you might not see a post made until days after the matter. Also, this time of year is not particularly good for artists, given it is commissions season and whatnot, I wasn’t expecting anything.

So we retooled again going from art drive to anything from costumes to stories to memories. Making a new one here, as well as a facebook post off my page  so that I could easily track it, where again most of the sharing/reblogs are of me getting this seen. I was feeling very put out, thinking that we really weren’t going to get anything until this morning. Not only did we each submit something, there were two other people unknown to us who submitted. We made a tiny change, I guess?

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