Week One: American Folk Art Museum / Day Journal

Due to scheduling conflicts and the fact I can’t take the scanner off the floor, I had to do it a little backwards, I made first then saw the museum. At any case, it is indeed very small, which is a little misleading since it’s in this huge building. This is not usually my scene, but I  respect the time and effort put into works nonetheless.  It was quiet and a little bit bustling, but then again it was near noon on a Saturday, I suppose today is one of it’s busier days. The pieces that stood out to me the most was Paul Laffoley’s giant paintings that look like something an old manuscript mixed with a pulp novel. Right across from it is Jerry Gratzinger’s map of fictional world, which is like worldbuilding goals. (As someone who used to run a tabletop game I got total map envy from this).

Josep Baqué’s 1500 Animals would make a monster manual writer jealous. Again the look reminds me of the old illuminated manuscripts with mythical creatures, albeit with an alien hint reminiscent of Wayne Barlowe‘s illustration work. Henry Darger’s mythos for his piece is just…wow. Not just the content but the sheer size of the volumes. It was like weird and pulpy but with a dash of the old adventure writers like Edgar Rice Burroughs and H. Rider Haggard juxtaposed with these children in bloody, violent scenes. When I’m not drowning in reading and research for Thesis, I think I’d like to look into his stuff more.

Long story short– not where I would have expected myself on a Saturday afternoon but I’m glad to have stopped and spent an hour, hour and twenty minutes tops?

Now… on to the Comic!


Snapshots of my 28th Birthday: Friday, January 26th, 2018. Short, to the point recording of the mundane, I suppose. I haven’t done any comics work in a long long time, and haven’t drawn in a few months, so it felt good to do that. Just drawing the content was a little hard, and figuring out what snap shots to choose to make it seem a little exciting. There was a lot of sitting at the Shop desk in the afternoon, and sleeping for that 0matter, haha.  I don’t know what else to say, since I really  like the idea of people trying to figure out the threads themselves than explaining why I chose those moments. (Or maybe it’s better I do? I dunno. If you want a breakdown, I suppose I’ll edit if asked.

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