UX Final: Feedback

I don’t know why submitting homework to this class is always so hard for me– because I swear I am not normally one who posts last minute and it feels like having to pull teeth to attempt to write anything. That’s nothing on the quality of the content of the work, just I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me being done with everything. At any case, this class was nice and informative, but while some people inspire to be UX designers– I’ll do it if I have to. Frankly this class cemented my thoughts on where I want to be. I tried to be the designer, and do all this testing and research, and really at the end of the day…I’d rather that not be me. Someone else gather the data, give me the brief, then say “Build This.”  I’m growing more and more into this idea that I’m more of a fabricator than designer these days.

So I indeed tried a run through with 6 people of the three acts for feedback, and honestly it’s fine, but it’s still hard to say without the performative component still in the concept stage. Some highlights of the feedback was it was inventive, but might need to work out an arc of where to put what information and when. What to share, what not to share. Another suggests for sure to work on the intro and Finale. Another like the simplicity of the light illustrating the concept, and another found it fun and nice to be able to see and do something lighthearted.

That’s  all I was able to write down in my notes, but to be overly honest, it was hard pressed to get any feedback, probably because the bulk of it comes from the facilitation?

[Slides for Finals]

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