ICM Journal: Week One

This sounds a little mercenary, but I suppose computation may increase my chances of being hired as a designer? Creative computing is the hot new thing and whatever hedges my bets it all good with me. I mean as for interests, keeping ourselves fed and sheltered is a pretty common one, yeah? There is definitely some cool things to be done with coding, particularly more in the area of animating, and interactive/creative coding for fun, and for commercial purposes, I’ll admit, and it’s nice to have that extra tool in my tool belt.

But like, if I were in need of just static art, I’d probably just stick to drawing in Photoshop, Illustrator, and painter. Not that I’m knocking it—definitely if you have no skill with a pencil or brush, but know your way around this, you can create some amazing stuff!

I’m a decent coder, and I pick up the stuff pretty quickly, but I lack the patience needed for a really advanced project at current, even with HTLM and CSS after a point I just,,,turn off.  Either out of frustration or eyestrain, or just annoyed at the lack of progress I’m at. Maybe this class will help me learn to be a little more patient, take my time, and make something cool from it? Maybe working with the live editor might help.

I’ve kind of just decided to step in here fresh with no expectations other than understanding the basics p5.js, so for projects, I have no specific idea outside that it’s going to be in p5.js. Whatever kind of I gravitate to as time goes on will happen? I have this whole web of interests with possible ideas for data imaging, or just art for the sake of art.

As for what on the Inspiration list pique my interest. The Lights thing we looked at in class was cool. Reminiscent of some of my favorite rhythm games like Frequency, Amplitude and Audiosurf. Oasis was nice for an installation; I can also see sensory and destemming potential for quiet rooms for people on the spectrum with that. A Bicycle Built for 2,000 was funny, and you’ll soon learn I am always down for some great absurdist art pieces. (I am big fan of the Dadaist movement.)

I have a cool things to share, alas they was created back in the good old days of flash so technically it is not p5.js but someone could likely easily make something similar in it.

So here it is, the silliest boredom killers:

(Add music for effect!)

— — — — — — — — — — — —

Sketch Progress:


So, coming from an illustration background I sketched out a rough thumbnail of sorts to give me the idea of what I was going for. Since I was challenged by Dan to work with bezier curves(!), I decided to give it a shot with a simple little sea scene with each bezier like a different color to emulate waves.

And with that I went  right into the editor! I actually enjoy it a lot, especially being able to see the code as I write instead if stopping and refreshing is nice. Still figuring out the points to get a nice seamless row of curves repeating, just with different widths and colors, but I kind of dig the haphazard looking waves I got in the end. And some other problems being that you can get the stroke to co around the full arc (hey guess who picked up stuff from the reading!) , so the shark fin only has half of the fin lined. Not sure how to fix that, but I suppose that’s a question for next week!







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