ICM: Final Project Proposal

Okay so my proposal is a visual periodic table of elements that depicts each element as its atom.

So this:

But depicted like so:

Hopefully using the json data I can pull out each electron and proton/neutron count to draw each one accurately. Ideally I would love to get all 100+ elements in the span of these 6 weeks but at minimum at least the first 10 to be made without error.

I feel like this is a littlw awkward giving proposal even though for the most part I’ve gone and started it already but  my weekly breakdown is thus:

  • Week 1 (week of 11/7): Refine JSON File for use
  • Week 2 (week of 11/14): Refine code to work with new JSON
  • Week 3 (week of 11/28): Feedback and secondary debugging
  • Week 4 (week of 12/5): Feedback and final debugging
  • Week 5 (week of 12/12): Presentation to class

I’m not sure what else to share here, haha. But we’re almost there!

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