Fabrication Week 2: Modular Game Board

So this week’s theme is ‘Multiples’ to get us out of comfort zone and understand a repeatable process with tools. My idea was a sort of modular game board that allows you to play Chess, Checkers, and Tic-Tac-Toe.


So my 5 pieces was more like 8– 4 for the board, 4 for the  pieces. This would be achieved by slicing a round and square dowel, the squares get glued together and dowel pins attached at the side. The pieces are cut, painted and the symbols wood burned into them.

20161106_171303sm 20161106_173840sm

Cut them with the miter saw…

20161106_175528sm 20161106_180643sm

I cut eight just for the sake of extra in case of flubbing. Hand sanded them to get the extra bits off. Then glued two and and two, had them cure with rubber bands securing it. Once they were cured, I glued them together and secured them with rubber bands again.

Once that was cured, I used the dowel clamp to screw four holes (two on two of the sides for dowel pins). I got to sanding, but unfortunately my health has halted me from finishing this part.

And the pieces:

So I had to cut down the dowel to make it fit the jig on the miter saw, but once again, cut eight discs!


Tried to hand sand it, but found out using the dremel was a lot faster and made it look nicer.


I didn’t have time for a stain so instead I resorted to acrylic paints and doing a few coats on two of them (which I would have also done to the board had I been able to do it in time). Once these were dried, I am going to engrave them with a woodburner and seal it (and the board) with some matter medium.

So I had expected to finish it today, but alas my health came first. But my takeaway from this project is the miter saw isn’t so scary after a few goes, and take time to set up your jig. I tied to get as perfect as possible was am not as over critical over it as I was last week. But I enjoyed this project.  What I would have done better if I could? Find either a stain or a different colored wood and worked from that.

Sorry there’s no images for the finish project, but  can add them later once I do finish!

EDIT: Finished piece!


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