Homemade Hardware: Week 3

Bootloader issues aside (I have to resolder MISO, MOSI, and clock pins), things are going fairly ¬†well. ¬†Getting used to working in Eagle, and the challenge of fitting all the parts as close as possible without ruining circuits is a bit of a challenge. At any case, it is now time for our Marquee project and I am tasked with making a letter ‘E’


So above is my primary ‘draft’ of the new board, it is not working as of this writing (which is days before posting), and need to troubleshoot is since the slide pot is a lot different than the traditional pot. And a video to show my testboard for the marquee is working. I purchased more UV LEDs from Adafruit and plan to use them with the final board.

(Admittedly I have to give credit where credit’s due, Eric did a lot of the heavy lifting, I just helped him with a few things in Eagle and double checked his traces. ¬†He’s a real MVP.)

So we ¬†didn’t plan it, but we actually were milling together as well, I decided to get my E board done while awaiting office hours about my sensor board:

Marked my power and ground with a sharpie, and now to hook it up with some sweet UV LEDs.

Wound up sacrificing an LED because the copper was falling off the board, and had to make that wire as an emergency repair to spare me from milling another aboard. (More on that below.)

Okay so milling the boards on the othermill has been the most frustrating thing ever. Three bits and roughly 80 bucks down the hole and I’ve only just got the e and my power circuit itself, and 3 of the scre holes. the last hole and final cut was stopped by my last bit breaking (but is is technically done and working)!

So here is the schematic:

And here is the test of everything all working before everything goes to hell.

Unfortunately I don’t have a finished piece but super close.


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