Homemade Hardware Week 5: Rickroll Key Chain Initial Design Phase

So I had three ideas: expand my PComp final project, build a board for the saber, or do this nifty Rickroll keychain. I want to kind of mull over the design for the first, the second is still also in a similar phase of what e want on the board and if it can be in a hilt without breaking…so I went with the keychain. It is also the easiest of the three, although I haven’t worked with piezos in a while. Which will be fun.

So this was scraped from the Bitcows site, their images aren’t working but I managed to scrape them off Wayback Machine.

So pretty much now Breadboarding my own circuit and using their schematic and code to bring my device into fruition.

First one didn’t go so well (left)…it would work if the switch was removed from the board entirely. And the piezo would click when power was put into it. Simple fix was a 1 microfarad capacitor going to ground near the switch line. (right)


And current schematic an layout–which is subject to change.

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