Intro to 3D Printing: Revolve Tool

So needless to say I was a little frustrated getting into this coming from another program. Mostly at myself for mentally shifting back to Maya, but I think it’s just a matter of repetition on my end.

My first foray into 3D modeling in Maya, circa 2011-12.

Apropos, I figured the best way to get into Rhino was replicating my first Maya project– making a Chess/Game piece. And since this is utilizing the Revolve tool, it was a matter of just making the ‘slice’ to be replicated.

Using rectangles, fillet corners, poly and curved lines and A LOT of splitting and joining, I got this. Then I had a worry that is might not print, so I tried to make a “hollow” version:

But then this happened:

…So I went back to the solid shape.

It was looking more spool like so I tweaked the scale.

So it is 30mm x 30mm x 65 mm (1.18″ x 1.18″ x 2.55″). And still very spool like, complete with a hole still in the center. If I were to go forward,  I’d stagger the top so it is more crown like in the end. (I could also probably edit the ‘cuts’ of the crown some way in the future, just something I realized late in the build.

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