Fandom Final: Social Media Sticker Drive

Fandom: Star Wars
Fanlike Activity:  Collaboration, Collection, Trading and Content Creation

Target Star Wars Fanbase is very large, but we are looking at older adults between the ages of 25 on who are either parents or those who purchase produce.¬† And to some extent, I could say we are also targeting the children. Social Media is really a big way to communicate, some still rely on BB Boards, but Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr is popular. Tumblr is definitely has more of a female focus, while the other platforms are more neutral. They have a varied range of hobbies and interests other than this fandom, and there are many creators as well as consumers. I will note though, the female sample from tumblr are usually stay at home/work from home mothers, while facebook’s sample has been working mothers with older children. Outside of actively surveying them, I have no idea over their preference of produce.

But why produce?

We were inspired by a conversation Diego and I had about how because of The Last Jedi, Dole has characters from the film on their banana stickers and his son refuses to take any banana that doesn’t have a sticker. Our idea is twofold: Collect stickers for Diego so we can make a cute little scrapbook collection, and encourage parents to do so in kind. I am contemplating making a template design for others to share and print as well.

We will also be doing a drive on Wednesdays when ITP gets snacks to see if there are any consumers/unknown fans willing to participate in this. I will also design a flyer to distribute on the floor as well. But we will spread Diego’s story through social media, he monitoring Facebook and Twitter, and I will be watching tumblr and see which was the more successful platform to achieve this almost crowdfunding activity. I believe knowing the fandom is at times, a caring and giving community and want to bond through these activities (especially when it comes to children), I hypothesize at least a small success.

Our measure for success is at least one sticker sent to Diego at the most basic, and at least one other person deciding to start and collect all the stickers on their own.

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