Week Three: User Personas

Think about three different people you care about and identify an idea for each one for an interactive experience or application. Base your ideas on your insights into the person you are designing for. Do they like to cook, procrastinate, exercise consistently or spend time with family? What are their work and play habits? What frustrates them on a consistent basis or could help save them time or energy? Think about the unique behaviors of each person and identify an idea that could improve, enrich or enhance their life. While you are designing for a particular persona, consider others who might benefit from the use case for your idea. Come to class prepared to present 3 personas and an idea for each. For each idea prepare a title, paragraph and 1-2 images. From your three ideas the class will help you identify a final project.

Case One:

This user is on the autism spectrum. Normally they can talk, but sometimes goes nonverbal. However, they do not know sign language or utilize Augmented Alternative Communication apps, nor do the people they interact with them know of these either. They working in a communal place and sometimes want to make it clear that they do not want to engage. The idea is a wearable designed not unlike a stop light (a mostly universal sign) to indicate whether or not they are willing to engage at the moment. (Full disclosure I have the prototype for this but it certainly could use reiterating and more testing after three semesters on.)

Case Two:

User two is a person with depression, but are functionally so. They do not take any medication, but was in the past with little effect. They go to therapy once a month, and have in a way a therapy animal, but at the moment do not live with them. They are living alone, going to school and working. But have hard time motivating themselves, and their executive function makes them drag out even the simplest of tasks. Things they enjoy that help video games, snack foods,  and trips (but due to money they have to make due with local day trips.)The idea would be some sort of desk top object that might help motivate them more and try to mitigate their executive function. Perhaps even gamifying their productivity in some way to keep them motivated.

Case Three:

This user is a student who has had a hard time coming up with a third idea. They stressed out and overwhelmed, and trying their best when faced with putting energies into multiple projects of differing ideas.  They tried their best to dip from their well of creativity but with little success.  This interaction would be something would be…something. A thing that does stuff. Maybe. At the very least fulfill the directions of the homework assignment by being a third interaction.

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